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"I have joined the CRS less than a year ago, and I am overwhelmed by the environment and by the opportunities it offers. After winning the CRS Oral Delivery FG video competition, I was given the chance to present my work at the OrD FG Scientific Session, in Valencia. This was such a great opportunity and ended up with an invitation to a "Scientifically Speaking" article that was published in the latest CRS E-newsletter. The Annual Meeting & Exposition was, by far, the best conference I have ever attended! It was extremely exciting and captivating. The scientific sessions, the "Stars collide" debate, the social events, and all the opportunities to interact with the best experts in the field made the whole experience memorable. I am also thankful for the amazing opportunity to participate in the CRS Mind-mapping Championship! After the last Annual Meeting, I have joined the board of the CRS Nanomedicine and Nanoscale Delivery FG as Communication Chair, and I am looking forward to the next year's annual meeting, in Las Vegas. Being part of the CRS has provided me some of the most exciting experiences of my (very short) scientific career, and I am genuinely happy to be part of this community."

- Student Member, João Pedro Martins

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