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The elevation to 'Fellow' is a prestigious recognition of an exceptional individual in the field of controlled release, who has made outstanding and sustained contributions to the field of delivery science and technology. In considering nominations for Fellow status, the Body of the College of Fellows will evaluate the length, breadth, depth, and impact of the achievements. Fellow candidates working in academia, industry or governmental agencies, and representatives of all demographic groups are selected from every area of delivery science and technology. Fellows should have distinguished themselves as leaders in their field through impactful contributions in fundamental or applied research, technology, products, and/or education within the areas of interest of the CRS. While service and leadership within CRS will be considered, they are not requirements for election to the College of Fellows. Nominees for Fellows are required to be CRS members and must maintain their active membership if elected.


Individuals accepting the nomination to the CRS College of Fellows agree not only to accept the honor of recognition of excellence but also to make active contributions to the society through their involvement in CRS-sponsored activities.

The CRS College of Fellows reviews nominees from academia, government, or industry based on their evidence of excellence and contributions in three major areas:

  • Impact to Science, Technology, and Innovation: Candidates are assessed based on their global impact in the field, with emphasis on groundbreaking contributions evidenced by seminal scientific publications and transformative inventions. This includes considerations of impact on the economy, public health, and society. (50%)
  • Contribution to the Global CRS Mission: The evaluation considers exceptional contributions to the CRS mission, including serving in key roles within the society, fostering major initiatives, and receiving major CRS awards. (30%)
  • Contributions to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI): The review process places significant importance on contributions to EDI. This includes dedicated service and advocacy of national or international significance, as well as fostering an equitable, diverse, and inclusive professional environment. (20%)

Examples of evidence of excellence in these areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Making advances in technical, scientific, or regulatory aspects of delivery science and technology
  • Translating delivery science and technology into commercial products and/or services that benefit the economy, public health, and/or society
  • Having a record of highly impactful scientific publications and/or licensed patents (products, technologies)
  • Holding leadership roles on committees, focus groups, editorial boards, and meetings of significance in the field of delivery science and technology (not necessarily within CRS)
  • Contributing to EDI through dedicated service and advocacy at any level
  • Fostering an equitable, diverse, and inclusive professional environment, mentoring a diverse workforce, or substantially advancing EDI in other ways
  • Receiving major CRS or other awards in any of the three major areas

Nomination Process

A nomination for Fellow(s) must be submitted by a member of CRS. In each annual call, a CRS member may nominate one (1) or more persons for this honor. The nomination should address each of the three evaluation criteria listed above. In addition, there must be a supporting letter written by the nominator and one (1) additional member of CRS (at least 2 nominators per nominee are required).

Nominations requirements:

  • 1 Letter of Nomination (1000-word maximum) - The letter, co-signed by each nominator, must address the three criteria areas listed above. 
  • CV (10-page maximum)
  • 100-word Summary (optional) - The summary should highlight the most outstanding accomplishment of the nominee.

College of Fellows Committee Chair: Justin Hanes, PhD


  • College of Fellows Certificate presented at the Annual Meeting Award Ceremony
  • Fellow has the privilege of the designation and usage of "CRS Fellow" and maintain that status as long as CRS membership is current.
  • Recognition during the Annual Meeting

Past Recipients 

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