Member of the Year Award

The Controlled Release Society grants this honor to a member who has demonstrated an emerging or sustained commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion in their professional activities through December 31 of the year the award is presented. The Member of the Year Award recognizes the key role that achievements in ED&I initiatives play in the advancement of science and technology for the benefit of CRS and the greater scientific community.


  • The award may be considered based upon the activities of a group of individuals, provided that a single, active CRS member is specified as the nominee.
  • Nominee(s) must demonstrate a clear track record of success and lasting impact of his/her/their ED&I activities within one or more of his/her/their professional networks.
  • The nominee must uphold and promote the principles outlined in the CRS Statement on Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion.
  • Specific evidence of exemplary leadership in ED&I initiatives must be provided in the nomination form. Please discuss these efforts in order of importance and impact on ED&I. Relevant activities include but are not limited to:
    • Outreach and community service efforts that focus on the inclusion and/or support of groups underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)
    • Service on ED&I committees
    • ED&I-centric peer-reviewed publications
    • Grant-funded programs focused on inclusive science (e.g., diversity-focused research experiences)
    • A history of mentoring underrepresented students
    • A research focus that improves healthcare accessibility or preferentially benefits historically underrepresented groups

Nomination Process - Closed

The following items are to be submitted via the online form found on the CRS website. 

  1. Completed Nomination Form (see link)
  2. Letter from the candidate outlining key accomplishments in ED&I. This letter should include an introduction, a body in which each contribution to ED&I is described in a separate paragraph beginning with the most impactful contribution, and a conclusion.
  3. Two additional supporting nomination letters are required and are the responsibility of the candidate to collect. These letters do not need to be written by CRS members.
  4. A current CV of the candidate that includes relevant professional achievements.

Award nominations do not carry over from year to year. The nominee must be an active CRS member or become a member if selected as the awardee.

Selection Process

Candidates will be considered for nomination based on the totality of their ED&I activities. This evaluation should incorporate the breadth, depth, and duration of a candidate’s ED&I efforts.


  • Award Plaque and recognition during the Annual Meeting
  • $3,000 USD Honorarium
  • Awardee will present during the "ED&I Town Hall" at the Annual Meeting
  • Awardee will receive complimentary Annual Meeting registration
  • Awardee will receive complimentary ticket to the closing banquet (when applicable)

Past Recipients