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 Welcome to the WIS Group, a dynamic community dedicated to showcasing the achievements and fostering the career growth of women in Delivery Sciences and Technologies. Our mission is to create a supportive environment that nurtures professional development at every career stage. As we strive to be a leading voice in scientific, educational, translational, and business sectors, we invite you to join us in celebrating and advancing the contributions of women in our field.

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment of the CRS, a society teeming with vigor, dedicated to equipping our community with cutting-edge tools and knowledge. We are devoted to organizing a series of online webinars that embody the essence of empowerment and personal growth, both in personal and professional life. Furthermore, our agenda has an extensive array of invaluable soft skills sessions, designed to nurture and empower our members on their journey of excellence.


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Honorary Members and Past Award Recipients



Women in Science Award: The Controlled Release Society grants this honor to a woman scientist who must be internationally recognized for outstanding contributions in science and technology. 

2023 Recipient- Maria Jesus Vicent

Maria V

Women in Science 


Rising Women in Science award: The Controlled Release Society grants this honor to a  woman scientist with fewer than 10 years of post-PhD experience who is dedicated to excellence in science, leadership, and the promotion of women in their communities.

2023 Recipient- Laura Ensign 

Laura E