Women in Science


About Us

As the new chair, I would like to give you a warm welcome to the 2022 Women in Science Group of the CRS. The WIS Group was born out of the need to make visible and recognize the work performed by women in the area of Delivery Sciences and Technologies.  I would like to thank all women who have brought excellent leadership to this group and particularly Ruth Schmid and Begoña Carreño who have served as chairs of this group in the last few years.

In November 2021, the Board approved a new organization structure consisting of an executive Board and a group of honorary members who have been former presidents of the CRS and/or recipients of the WIS Award.

Our vision is to become a reference WIS group with a scientific, translational, educational and business perspective.

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Executive Board: 
Chair: Maria J. Alonso,  Spain
Vice-Chair: Yvonne Perrie, UK
Secretary/treasurer: Andrea Joseph, US
Focus Group lead: Marwa Sallam, Egypt
Local Chapters lead: Renata Vianna, Brasil
YSC lead: Nidhikumari Raval, UK
ED&I lead: Ruth Schmid, Norway
Training Lead: Chiara Mancino, US
E-Media Lead: Sara Cordeiro, UK

Honorary members of the CRS WIS Group:
Tejal Desai, USA
Christine Allen, Canada
María José Alonso, Spain
Sujuan Ba, US
Debra Bingham, US
Diane Burgess, US
Helen Burt, Canada
Susan Cady, US
Begoña Carreño-Gomez, Switzerland
Danchen Gao, US
Paula Hammond, US
Lisbeth Illum, UK
Tamara Minko, US
Yvonne Perrie, US
Ruth Schmid, Norway
Molly Shoichet, Canada
Molly Stevens, UK


Women in Science Award                                           Rising Women in Science Award

Training Program - information coming soon

Women in Science Event 2022

Some indicators of success of the WIS event during the CRS AM are:

  • It has had a high number of attendees despite the cost of the entry ticket
  • It has proven powerful to attract young talent to listen to successful women scientists give an account on their personal and professional journeys to become one of the leading experts in their field
  • It fosters a speak up culture and attendees have been very forthcoming in asking questions that cannot be asked in other forums where women of all ages discuss powerful topics