2019 Awards Announced

CRS proudly announces the recipients of Awards that honor those who have contributed to the society and the science. Awards will be presented during the 2019 CRS Annual Meeting.

Alexander (Sandy) Florence


                                            Distinguished Service Award

                                     ALEXANDER "SANDY" FLORENCE, PH.D.

                                                                 Emeritus Professor

                                       University College of London, School of Pharmacy


Randall Mrsny                                                      FOUNDERS AWARD

                                                 RANDALL MRSNY, PH.D. 

                                                                 Professor's Chair

                           University of Bath, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology


Joke Bouwstra


                 Transdermal Delivery Kydonieus Foundation Award

                                                 joke bouwstra, Ph.d. 


                                       University of Leiden, Division of Biotherapeutics


Jordan Green


                                        Young Investigator Award

                                               Jordan Green, Ph.D. 


 Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering


Michael Mitchell                          T NAGAI Postdoctoral Research Award

                              researcher - michael mitchell, Ph.D.

                       Massachusetts Institute of Technology / University of Pennsylvania

                                  adviser - robert s. langer, ph.d. 

                                           Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Journal of controlled release best paper award

"Regulatory T cell-targeted hybrid nanoparticles combined with immuno-checkpoint blockage for cancer immunotherapy"  Ou, W, Thapa, R.K., Jiang, L., Soe, Z.C., Gautam, M., Chang, J.H., Jeong, J.H., Ku, S.K., Choi, H.G., Yong, C.S., Kim J.O. (2018)

drug delivery and translational research best paper award

"A novel method for studying airway hyperresponsiveness in allergic guinea pigs in vivo using the PreciseInhale system for delivery of dry powder aerosols"  Lexmond, J.A., Keir, S., Terakosolphan, W., Page, P. C., Forbes, B. (2018).