Release Mechanisms of Antiproliferative Drugs from Novel Highly Porous Bioresorbable Stent Coatings.

Amir Kraitzer
Yoel Kloog and Meital Zilberman
Department of Biomedical, Tel -Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, 69978, Israel, Department of Neurobiology, Tel -Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, 69978, Israel,

Highly porous drug-eluting bioresorbable stent coatings were developed and studied. The effects of the process parameters on the release kinetics of the antiproliferative drugs paclitaxel and Farnesylthiosalicylate (FTS, Salirasib) from the coatings were studied, with reference to the shell morphology and degradation profile. The release of FTS was found to be affected mainly by water uptake and swelling of the coating's structure, while the paclitaxel's release was affected mainly by degradation of the host polymer. The controlled release of the new drug FTS is reported here for the first time.