Annual Meeting Program Committee


This committee is responsible for the overall programming and day-to-day programming elements of individual annual meetings.

Chair: Mark Prausnitz

Vice-Chair for Technical Programming, Bruno Sarmento, Portugal
Vice-Chair for Program Management, Clare Hoskins, UK
Director of Industry Programming, Kurt Sedo, USA
Director of Invited Speakers, Laura Ensign, USA
Director of Posters and On-demand Talks, Yongsheng Gao, China
Director of the Virtual Platform, Simmyung Yook, Korea
Director of Local Nodes, Avi Schroeder, Israel
Director of Networking, Nicole Papen-Botterhuis, Netherlands
Director of Publicity, Jose das Neves, Portugal
Director of Assessment, Sara Cordiero, UK
Board of Directors Representative, Benjamin Boyd, Australia
Finance Committee Representative, Maria-Teresa Peracchia, France