CRS 2022 Merck GRAD Best Poster Award Winners

Thank you for all that presented a poster at the CRS 2022 Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada! This year, 12 poster presenters were selected to receive the 2022 Best Poster Award sponsored by Merck. Congratulations to all!

Bettina Sonja Heiss

Cara Robertus
Copolymers of Quinidine and Acrylic Acid Actively Target Tumors Overexpressing P-glycoprotein

David Klein Cerrejon
Improving buccal absorption of biopharmaceuticals with a bioinspired stretching device

Friederike Richter
Tuning Cationic Polymers for Endosomal Escape and Gene Delivery: Impact of Hydrophobic and Anionic Moieties

Helena F. Florindo
Multivalent Nanoplatform for vascular regulation of antitumor immunity

Ilona Kubajewska
Nuvec® - a silica-based nanoparticle platform delivering gene therapy for cancer treatment.

Koen van der Maaden
Liposomal charge of encapsulated peptide vaccines determines antigen retention at the site of injection, duration of antigen presentation and magnitude of functional T-cell responses

Magdalini Panagiotakopoulou
Targeted nanomedicines for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation kidney injury

Philippe Grenier
345The role of complement activation on the anti-PEG immunity triggered by polymer nanoparticles

Quim Peña
Enzyme-sensitive self-immolative prodrugs activated by high-intensity focused ultrasound for targeted anticancer combination therapy

Suraj K Fanse
Effect of Polymer Crosslinking on Release Mechanisms from Long-Acting Intrauterine Systems

Sven Weller
Impact of antibody orientation, valence and density on polymeric nanoparticles for expansion of human CD8+ T cells