2024 1st Young Scientists Intersociety Webinar CRS YSC meets YSF-ESB and yESMI



Join us for a groundbreaking conjoint webinar dedicated to advancing the frontiers of knowledge and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration. We will unite emerging and cutting-edge speakers working at the interface between (drug) delivery science and technology, multidisciplinary molecular imaging and biomaterials science engineering. By uniting the efforts of different scientific societies, we aspire to create a synergistic environment that promotes interdisciplinary scientific exchange and increases scientific value. 


With topics ranging from image-guided drug delivery to nano-theranostic materials, (bio)materials for biologics delivery and AI-enabled therapeutics, get inspired by a line-up of renowned and outstanding invited speakers:

  • Molly Stevens, PhD (Professor at the Imperial College London / University of Oxford)
  • Roy van der Meel, PhD (Assistant Professor at TU/e Eindhoven University of Technology) 
  • Assaf Zinger, PhD (Assistant Professor at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)

The event will take place on the 12th June 2024 (8.40 am EST – 12.20 pm EST). Registrations are open to everybody, so do not miss this unparalleled opportunity to engage with leading experts, connect to other (young) scientists and shape the future of delivery, imaging and biomaterials science.