Gulcin Arslan Azizoglu

gaGulcin Arslan Azizoglu is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Laboratory of Drug Delivery, Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA (USA). She is working with Prof. Mark Prausnitz on development of microneedle patches for transdermal delivery of drugs and vaccines. She ran her own pharmacy in Izmir, Turkey for 3 years after graduating from Ege University Faculty of Pharmacy in 2010. She switched her career as a pharmacist to pursue a career in academia and returned to her university during her master’s program. She got a master’s degree in cosmetology in 2014 and a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical technology in 2019 under supervision of Prof. Ozgen Ozer. She has been working as a research assistant in the Pharmaceutical Technology Department since 2013. She both likes the research and teaching in the drug delivery area.
She has a collaboration with Dr. Erkan Azizoglu in the same labs for over a decade and they are raising a family/lab member, Deniz Evrim since 2017. Outside the lab, she likes traveling, experiencing new food, trying different coffee beans, and coffee brewing methods, and meeting new people with her family. She is excited to join the CRS YSC as an ambassador and make her contribution to this great community that helps researchers from all over the world come together.