Letter from the President


2020-2021 President
Yvonne Perrie

Dear CRS Member,

I hope you are all doing well, despite the ongoing challenges we face. I wish to thank you all for your ongoing support for the CRS. Through your engagement,  we were able to deliver an excellent CRS Annual meeting. We could not have done this without our membership and our many excellent volunteer leaders. Whilst we could not meet in Vegas, we came together nonetheless. Through CRS2020 Virtual Annual Meeting we enjoyed sharing all our excellent research,  we re-connected with colleagues and friends, and we developed new networks. This will soon translate into exciting new research projects. At the conference we had 51 presentations, 62 invited speakers, a total of 163 talks, 197 on-demand presentations, 346 posters and almost 1400  attendees. We also had the opportunity to network through quizzes, workshops  and social events.   Within CRS, it is our mission to ensure that CRS always delivers fresh and inspiring new opportunities to build our research as individuals, as teams and as a global community. I hope you agree, we are doing this. But we can always do more, so connect with me and the Board and send your thoughts suggestions and ideas.

Also, be sure to:

  • Join a local Chapter to further expand your local network 
  • Join a focus group to gain further exposure for your research 
  • Make the most of your membership access to our publications including our newsletter, Webcasts and our journals (J Controlled Release and Drug Delivery and Translational Research) 
  • Join the Young Scientist Committee (for those of you lucky enough to be under 40)

Looking forward, we are working on our CRS2021 meeting, and our Diversity and Inclusion Task Force continue with our actions to improve the racial, geographic, socio-economic, generational and gender representation and balance of our society. Many thanks to those of you have already provided us with feedback and suggestions. Our Task Force members are in the process of setting up our Town Hall, and I look forward to seeing you there to support this important initiative.

Best regards,

Yvonne Perrie President