Member Referral Program

Member Referral Program

 CRS members will now be receiving a 20% discount off their membership dues for every non-member they refer to CRS.


  • To refer a non-member, you must be a CRS member with an active membership.
  • You must notify CRS HQ of the referral.
  • The non-member must join CRS within three (3) months from that notification.
  • The non-member must list your full name on their application.

What Does This Mean?

  • Any CRS member with an active membership who refers a non-member will be awarded 20% off their next membership dues renewal. (NOTE: The referring member will only receive this discount if the non- member joins. (Simply referring a non-member will not warrant any discounts).
  • CRS members will receive a 20% discount for each new member they refer. (Ex. If 3 of your referrals join CRS, you will receive a60% discount off your renewal).
  • Once you reach 100% of the amount of the renewal fee, any additional referral discounts will be applied to the following year’s renewal fee.

How Will This Work?

  1. To validate your referral, you will need to send an email to CRS Headquarters at, copying the non-member you are referring.
  2. CRS Headquarters will then monitor to see if the referred non-member joins the membership within a period of 3 months.
  3. Once the referral has joined, the appropriate discount amount will be applied to your next renewal dues amount.