Nervous System Delivery


The use of drug delivery systems to overcome biological barriers for improved safety and efficacy of nervous system therapeutics is an increasingly critical and evolving field. Controlled release systems have been employed to improve the effectiveness of gene delivery, reformulate existing drugs, and design new drugs to meet the high potential for patient benefit. The Nervous System Delivery (NSD) Focus Group will support the CRS mission by engaging researchers, clinicians, industry representatives, and regulatory experts in the advancement of technologies designed for attenuation, protection, repair, and regeneration of brain, spinal, and peripheral nervous system diseases.
The members of the Focus Group are expected to be paid members of CRS, independent of their membership category.


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Shanta Dhar
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Elizabeth Nance
University of Washington
Focus Group Advisor
Anne M. Andrews
University of California, Los Angeles
Michal Toborek
University of Miami
Anjali Sharma
Johns Hopkins University
Communication Chair and Student Representative
Andrea Joseph
University of Washington
Student Representative
Anuj Shah
University of Miami
Academic Representative
Jessica Larsen
Clemson University
Academic Representative
Manickam Jayakannan
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research
Clinician Representative
Michael Ivan
The University of Miami Brain Tumor Initiative
Clinician Representative
Sujatha Kannan
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Industry Representative
David Kolb
Raphael Capital Partners LLC