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This article summarizes selected patents in the area of controlled release or delivery that were issued from December 14, 2021 through April 12, 2022. Greater detail on each of these patents is given on the U.S. patent website

Industrial Applications

US-11302455- Deinococcus radiodurans having gold nanoparticle synthesis ability, and method for removing radioactive iodine by using same

A method for removing iodine by using Deinococcus radiodurans containing gold nanoparticles in which the radioactive element is adsorbed to the nanoparticles within the recombinant organism. This patent cites uses   in removing radioactive iodine generated in large-scale hospitals, industries,and/or nuclear facilities at a very high (99%) efficiency.

US-11298679- Controlled release of hydrogen from composite nanoparticles

Mufti-functional materials for use in high-capacity hydrogen separation and/or storage.  The formulation contains a hydrogen-absorbing material and a non-contact energy-absorbing material in a composite nanoparticle. The non-contact energy-absorbing material provides localized heat to promote release of hydrogen from the absorbing material.  

US-11292933- Stable oil-in-water nanoemulsion containing upconverting nanoparticles

Description of a  stable oil-in-water emulsion containing upconverting nanoparticles formulation for use as an ink in secure printing applications.

US-11278858- Microcapsules for two-step anti-counterfeiting

A method of formulation made up of a microcapsule containing a molecular sensitizer, a molecular annihilator with an inner shell separating the two. Applications in anti-counterfeiting are described within.

US-11274244- Using brine resistant silicon dioxide nanoparticle dispersions to improve oil recovery

This invention describes the use of brine-resistant silicone dioxide nanoparticle dispersions for fracturing purposes.  The use of the Brine Resistant Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticle Dispersion ("BRINE RESISTANT SDND") to enhance the effective stimulated reservoir volume is described to increase production rates of an oil well bu over 20%.

US-11268016- High temperature treatment fluids with nano-crosslinkers

The system uses nanoparticles coated with  cross-linkers  that can then be cross linked to reduce permeability in zones of a subterranean reservoir formation once delivered to the region of interest.

US-11244218- Polarized Raman spectrum coding-based nano barcode smart label

Description of technology for coding information on a smart label. The label utilizes nanoparticles made of nanomaterials with different Raman characteristic spectra under different polarization states.

US-11224859- Carbon-coated transition metal nanocomposite material, preparation and application thereof

A carbon-coated transition metal nanocomposite having a core-shell structure.  The nanocomposite material has a structure rich in mesopores, is an adsorption/catalyst material that can be used for various catalyzing reactions for the treatment of volatile organic compounds in industrial exhaust gases.

US-11208351- Electromagnetically-induced cement concrete crack self-healing diisocyanate microcapsules and their preparation method

Electromagnetically-induced cement concrete crack self-healing diisocyanate microcapsules comprised of a diisocyanate core in a shell that contains magnetic iron powder. Upon formation of micro cracks in concrete, crack propagation can break the microcapsule within causing the diisocyanate inside to flows out and diffuse into the crack where it solidifies. Alternatively, the shells can be placed in a magnetic field to melt the shell and release the core material.



US-11268953- Reagent composition for measuring glycated hemoglobin and method for measuring glycated hemoglobin using same

A formulation of dye-encapsulated silica nanoparticles for use in measuring glycated hemoglobin to diagnose the presence or absence of diabetes.

US-11262303- Oxygen content sensor, oxygen content sensor manufacturing method and using method

A nanoparticle, with a set of fluorescent moieties linked on its surface for detection and quantification of oxygen present in the system.

US-11221330- Metallic nanoparticle synthesis with carbohydrate capping agent

A description of a formulation of gold nanoparticles in aqueous suspension functionalized with moieties for the detection and capture of the desired analyte. The nanoparticles are stabilized with carbohydrate capping agents (oligosaccharides) to enhance stability and aid in functionalization.

US-11219698- Metal oxide nanoparticle-based T1-T2 dual-mode magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent

A formulation comprised of a metal oxide nanoparticle that can be used as a  T1-T2 dual-mode MRI contrast agent. The submission claims that the formulation can provide more accurate and detailed information associated with disease than other contrast agents currently in use.



US-11285221- Treating myelomas

A formulation containing albumin nanoparticle/antibody complexes to treat myelomas is presented.

US-11285212- Targeted nanoparticles

Description of carrier nanoparticles with a cleavable linkage which under reducing conditions exposes a polymer containing a nitroboronic acid group to the external environment. The particles can be coupled with targeting functionalities.

US-11285109- Microsphere comprising PLGA or PLA in which a biologically active substance is uniformly dispersed and a sustained release formulation comprising the same

A PLGA/PLA formulation containing a biologically active substance evenly distributed throughout. This uniform distribution of the active results in more exact control of the initial release of active as well as the release rate of the active throughout the entire predetermined release period.

US-11278856- Lutein microcapsule formulation and preparation method thereof

A lutein microcapsule formulation

US-11278617- Immunogenic composition forming a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, and a method for its manufacture

A vaccine formulation comprised of a nanoparticle adjuvant composed of lipids and the antigen spike protein from Coronavirus.

US-11278612- Multivalent influenza nanoparticle vaccines

A multivalent nanoparticle vaccine formulation containing influenza glycoprotein antigens.

US-11273216- Universal influenza vaccine compositions

A vaccine composition containing influenza virus peptides comprising a combination of a CD8+ T cell epitopes and B cell epitopes attached to a nanoparticle.

US-11273158- Aripiprazole dosing strategy

Description of methods for treating schizophrenia using a combination of aripiprazole, aripiprazole lauroxil, and a nanoparticle dispersion of aripiprazole lauroxil.

US-11266747- Orally administered nanoparticles for gene delivery and pharmaceutical composition containing same

The use of nanoparticles for gene therapy that when delivered orally can regulate blood glucose levels and insulin secretion in response to food intake. The system uses an ionic polymer conjugated to a bile acid or bile acid derivative, and the therapeutic gene of interest.

US-11266746- Therapeutic antitumor combination of a TLR4 ligand with other treatments

Description of a nanoparticle delivery system for administration of a TLR-4, and TLR-7 or TLR-8 ligands as a cancer treatment.

US-11266740- Noble metal nanoparticles with radial pores

A system for radiotherapy of a tumor using nanoparticles made from noble metals. The pores of the particles are of particular geometries which enhance the beam intensity (and thus the effective dose) of the radiation treatment.

US-11266659- Nanostructured formulations for the delivery of silibinin and other active ingredients for treating ocular diseases

A lipid nanoparticle formulation containing silibinin or other active ingredients for use in the treatment of neurodegenerative ocular diseases. See US-11,253,526 as well.

US-11261230- Synthetic somatostatin receptor ligands

A formulation that uses nanoparticles functionalized with somatostatin receptor ligands and/or synthetic somatostatin receptor ligands and their pharmaceutical uses.

US-11260128- Synergistic nanotherapy systems and methods of use thereof

A system of plasmonics-active nanoparticles delivered to the primary cancer coupled with the administration of an immune checkpoint modulator for metastatic site treatments to synergistically enhance treatment of the patient compared to a single modality approach.

US-11260127- Mesoporous silica nanoparticles for diagnostic and therapeutic applications

A system of mesopourous silica iron oxide nanoparticles for delivery of an active triggered by a radiofrequency energy source.

US-11260033- Compositions for the delivery of therapeutic agents and methods of use and making thereof

Description of nanoparticle-based formulations for the delivery of CBD to subjects. These compositions are claimed to be stable for prolonged periods of time and provide enhanced bioavailability.

US-11253565- Nanoparticle ophthalmic composition for the treatment of ocular disorders or diseases

A nanoparticle ophthalmic composition containing Perilla frutescens extract, hyaluronic acid or a salt thereof as a treatment for tear dysfunction syndrome, dry eye, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

US-11247054- Nanoparticles for use for enhancing brain performances or for treating stress

Describes the use of nanoparticles or nanoparticle aggregates to enhance brain performance or prevent/treat pathological stress. The nanoparticle aggregates are composed of conductors, semiconductors and insulators and are exposed to an electrical field after delivery to the affected tissue.

See also US-11278723 for a similar formulation used in treating neuronal disorders from the same submitter.

US-11246946- Methods of treatment using ultrasmall nanoparticles to induce cell death of nutrient-deprived cancer cells via ferroptosis

Cancer treatment by inducing cell death using ferroptosis through nanoparticle ingestion of the starved target cells.

US-11246944- Ceria nanocomposite for biomedical treatment and pharmaceutical composition containing same

Description of the use of a cerium oxide nanoparticle with a surface modification for biomedical/pharmaceutical applications.

US-11246904- Polymeric nanoparticles and a process of preparation thereof

A biodegradable polymeric nanoparticle made up of a block copolymer for use in therapeutics, diagnostics and theranostics.

US-11246877- Nanoparticles for chemotherapy, targeted therapy, photodynamic therapy, immunotherapy, and any combination thereof

The invention describes nanoparticles coated with a lipid layer containing prodrugs for treatment of cancer alone or in combined treatments using immunotherapy agents. The nanoparticles can also contain a photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy.

US-11241493- Coronavirus vaccine

A coronavirus vaccine made up of a lipid nanoparticle containing a nucleic acid for the treatment or prophylaxis of preferably the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

US-11241394- Treating vasculature related diseases or disorders using nanoparticles

A formulation comprised of a nanoparticle with an inner core of non-cellular material and an outer surface derived from the outer membrane of platelets. The payload can be an active for preventing, treating, diagnosing or prognosing the ailment. Target applications include hemorrhage (bleeding), cardiovascular diseases or disorders, diseases or disorders associated with narrowing of a blood vessel, tumors or cancers.

See US-11224577 for another application of this formulation for microbial infection of platelets.

US-11236134- Nucleic acids encoding HIV-1 GP140 immunogens comprising modified NHR1 regions that stabilize pre-fusion conformations

Description of formulations comprising either soluble HIV-1 vaccine immunogens or immunogens tethered to a nanoparticle. The invention also describes methods of initiating an immune response against the immunogens in order to treat/prevent HIV infections.

US-11235071- Compositions of nucleic acid-containing nanoparticles for in vivo delivery

Description of micellar nanoparticles made from block or graft copolymers containing nucleic acids for cancer therapy.

US-11235067- Nanocomplexes of polyanion-modified proteins

A pharmaceutical preparation of a nanoparticle formed by the non-covalent interaction of a cationic lipid-based molecule and a protein-anionic polymer conjugate for treatment of various medical conditions.

US-11224578- Medicinal agent-containing molecular assembly which uses amphiphilic block polymer

A formulation of a nanoparticle capable of encapsulating a fat-soluble drug such as miriplatin for cancer treatment.

US-11219634- Methods, compositions, and systems for delivering therapeutic and diagnostic agents into cells

Described is a lipid nanoparticle formulation containing the active of interest along with a membrane-destabilizing polymer.

US-11213593- Sequence-specific cellular uptake of spherical nucleic acid nanoparticle conjugates

A nanoparticle formulation with nucleic acids attached to the surface. The presenter claims that G-rich SNAs are taken up by cells at a much higher level compared to other SNA formulations rich in different SNAs. A platform technology for intracellular nanoparticle delivery.

US-11213490- Encapsulation-free controlled protein release system

This formulation takes advantage of the short range electrostatic interactions between proteins and the polymer PLGA. The inventors describe a hydrogel system contacting PLGA nanoparticles that exhibits the same release profile of proteins regardless of the proteins being encapsulated in the PLGA particles or merely embedded in the gel along with PLGA particles. The tunability of release (particle concentration, size,pH of the environment) was also demonstrated for the system and provides an alternative to traditional encapsulation of biomolecules for controlled release applications.

US-11213487- Negatively charged self-assembling supported lipid bilayer on mesoporous silica nanoparticles, method of synthesis and use as a nanovector

A method for manufacturing a negatively charged supported lipid bilayer. The method uses three lipids dissolved in a first solvent,that is evaporated to form a film followed by the addition of an aqueous suspension of mesoporous silica nanoparticles concluding with sonication allowing for a lipid bilayer to form around the nanopartciels (similar to liposome formation from a lipid film). The novelty of the formulation is the ratio of cholesterol to DOPS (2.3 to 2.7:1).

US-11207428- Cross-linked polymer modified nanoparticles

Description of a formulation comprising a nanoparticle, coated with different agents (specifically cationic polymers, stabilizers, targeting molecules, labels, oligonucleotides and small molecules) for use in delivery to solid tumors or for diagnosis of cancer and other diseases.

US-11207418- Synthetic nanoparticles for delivery of immunomodulatory compounds

A formulation made up of nanoparticles formed by the complexation of a peptide nucleic acid oligomer (PNA) with an immunomodulatory compound. The inventor gives examples of using the particles to elicit immune responses and treat a broad range of indications such as cancer and infection.

US-11207282- Tuneable delivery of nanoparticle bound active plasmin for the treatment of thrombosis

In general, this patent is a description of nanoparticle formulations that carry a payload and contain a targeting moiety on their surface. Specifically, thrombus dissolution is described using a nanoparticle reversibly coupled to a target molecule that can dissolve the blood clot. A second alternative formulation causing clot formation using a blood clotting active associated with the nanoparticle is also described within the patent submission.



US-11298678- Fabrication of macroporous polymeric hydrogel microparticles

Describes a formulation of a polymeric hydrogel microparticle containing polyacrylamide and chitosan with pore sizes of 1 to 60nm allowing for transporting biomolecules. The formulation is made in a micromold via photo-induced radical polymerization along with conjugation of the biomolecules to the hydrogel microparticles.

US-11298561- Method of treating multi-drug resistance biofilm using targeted laser and antibiotics

This application describes a method of using gold nanoparticle (GNP)-targeted pulsed laser technology to enhance antibiotic efficacy against multi-drug resistant biofilms.

US-11293915- Bio-adhesive gels and methods of use

Description of a gel formed from an adhesive protein, a maleimide-functionalized poly alkylene oxide, a linking agent and a nanoparticle resulting in a three dimensional microenvironment for cellular growth and proliferation as well as testing of agents on cells.

US-11291685- Polymer nanoparticle, polymer composition, method of making a polymer nanoparticle, method for treatment of bacterial biofilms, and method for detection of bacterial biofilms

Description of a formulation of polymer nanoparticles that are particularly useful for the treatment of bacterial biofilms.

US-11285222- Compositions and methods for delivery of agents

Description of optimized lipid-based nanoparticle formulations that are not subject to accelerated blood clearance and have an improved toxicity profile compared to other similar formulations.

US-11285202- Polymer-protein core-shell particles as effective vaccine delivery vehicles and treatments methods using the same

A polymer-protein core-shell nanoparticle that includes a pyridinyl group grafted polymer assembled with a protein- or a glycoprotein-based antigen to form a core-shell particle for use in vaccines and other treatments.

US-11279749- Synthetic apolipoproteins, and related compositions methods and systems for nanolipoprotein particles formation

Description of the use of synthetic apolipoproteins made through solid-phase peptide synthesis combined with chemical ligation. Such synthetic analogs can be used to more easily complete NLP formations for use in several biotechnology applications such as therapeutic sequestration and delivery to biofuel production and biopolymer production.

US-11273207- Microparticles

Description of a blood substitute containing haemoglobin in a self-assembled microparticle.

US-11267851- Antimicrobial adhesive protein, antimicrobial nanoparticle, antimicrobial composition comprising same nanoparticle, and preparation method for same composition

Description of a nanoparticle assembly comprising a metal core coupled with a derivative of a mussel adhesive protein linked to an antimicrobial protein.

US-11266955- Nanobiocatalyst and nanobiocatalytic membrane

Description of a nanobiocatalytic membrane for a water purification system. Nanoparticles associated with the membrane are antimicrobial (contain bismuth and a quorum quenching agent) and are coupled to several nanobiocatalysts involved in purification.

US-11266144- Biofilm targeting microcapsule carrying a non-volatile functional material

A biofilm targeting microcapsule, suitable for deposition onto a biofilm from an aqueous dispersion, comprising a solid microparticle carrying a non-volatile functional material to be delivered to the biofilm.

US-11261226- Cell surface coupling of nanoparticles

Description of a nanoparticle surface-modified with a ligand to binds to a cellular non-internalizing receptor for targeted delivery.

US-11260358- Aqueous systems of at least two phases containing microcapsules and processes for manufacturing the same

Description of microcapsule formation by film generation from complexation of two mutually attractive components.

US-11260109- Albumin nanoparticles to augment stem cell function in vivo

Description of a method of using albumin nanoparticles in combination with dosed stem or precursor cells in vivo.  The submitters claim that the  submicron albumin spheres augment the function of the cells  enhancing the efficacy of the treatment.

US-11260027- Donor organ pre-treatment formulation

Description of a formulation to pre-treat an organ prior to transplantation, by using an immunosuppressive agent encapsulated in a micelle, liposome, or polymeric nanoparticle coupled with a surface targeting moiety.

US-11235062- Dynamic bio-nanoparticle elements

A platform technology which in one form is described as formed from isolated, synthetic, and or recombinant amino acid residues coding for all or part of types of Clathrin and or Coatomer I/II proteins for biomedical applications and/or delivery.

US-11224664- Functionalized metal nanoparticle

Description of use of a functionalized metallic nanoparticle with an anchor component, and a second linker for specific biofunctionalization of the particle with molecules such as an unmodified oligonucleotide strand for further functionalization with biomolecules.

US-11219682- Dps fusion proteins for use in vaccines and diagnostics

Novel nanoparticle fusion proteins comprising proteins or peptides fused to Dps (DNA binding protein from starved cells) proteins to be used in development of new and improved vaccines, diagnostic tests, and other biomedical products.


Consumer Products/ Cosmetics

US-11267978- Reversibly thermochromic aqueous ink composition and writing instrument using the same

A reversibly thermochromic aqueous ink composition containing a thermochromic microcapsule pigment and a writing instrument using the ink.

US-11260359- Incorporation of chitosan in microcapsule wall

Description of novel microcapsule utilizing chitosan in the microcapsule wall and an emulsion-based method. The shell in cross linked by reaction of the chitosan with a multifunctional  methacrylate (inter-facial polymerization). See US-11260360 for a patent on the microencapsulation process in general.

US-11260001- Process for preparing a powdered composition

Description of a granulated powder formulation formed using a Pickering emulsion and containing both encapsulated and unencapsulated actives. The suspended particles and unencapsulated materials are dried by a method such as spray drying.

US-11242366- Microcapsule including peptide having cell receptor binding affinity and cosmetic composition containing same

A cosmetic formulation containing a peptide with high selective binding affinity to the target linked to a microcapsule for high delivery efficiency for superior skin condition improvement effects.