Next-Generation Delivery and Diagnostics Symposium

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 CRS 2-Day Virtual Symposium
September 21st - 22nd

Live or pre-record presentations with live Q&A segment

Co-Chairs: Simon Matoori, Université de Montréal & Beate Bittner, Roche


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As liposomes in the 1960s, polymeric depot formulations in the 1980s, and nanoparticles in the 2000s, breakthrough technologies continue to disrupt the field of drug delivery in the 2020s. This virtual symposium on next-generation delivery systems highlights three trends in delivery systems: robotics, diagnostics, and artificial intelligence. This virtual meeting brings together curated selection of speakers from industry to provide a timely overview of how breakthrough delivery technologies are transforming industry. Robotic devices have introduced new possibilities in drug delivery, yielding self-injecting systems for the delivery of large molecules at the patient’s home. Diagnostic systems have become integral parts of patient care as companion diagnostics and closed loop systems. Many diagnostics are delivery systems, and face similar challenges as their drug-delivering counterparts. Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the drug formulation workflow from excipient selection to animal testing and quality control of approved drugs, replacing cumbersome in vitro and in vivo studies with predictions from machine learning-based algorithms. This virtual symposium provides an overview of how these trends are shaping the pharmaceutical industry.

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