Profile: Christine Hamadani

chChristine completed her bachelors' degree with research honors distinction in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Boston University, where she first fell in love with research at the Zeidel Lab at Harvard Medical School/BIDMC. She went on to complete a masters'  summa cum laude with a focus in Bioengineering at Harvard in the Mitragotri lab where she investigated ways to extend circulation half-life (opsonization avoidance) of polymeric nanoparticles intravenously using designer protein-phobic  ionic liquid liquid capping agents. Combining chemistry and bioengineering, she followed Dr. Eden Tanner from Harvard to Ole Miss where she is now a PhD student in Chemistry (nanomaterials) studying the physicochemical interactions between ionic liquid-coated polymeric nanoparticles and red blood cell surfaces to encourage selective hitch-hiking for blood-based therapeutics. In her spare time, Christine loves to play the violin, walk her cat, knit sweaters, and build computers.