Profile: Hagar Labouta


Hagar I. Labouta is an Assistant Professor at the College of Pharmacy, with extensive research experience in nanomedicine, drug delivery, and biomedical engineering. She got her Ph.D. in pharmaceutical nanotechnology from Saarland University (Germany). She completed several Postdoctoral fellowships at the Helmholtz Institute (Germany), and the Departments of Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering, University of Calgary (Canada). At the University of Manitoba, her team is using state-of-the-art nanotechnologies and microfluidic lab-on-a-chip models for designing and evaluating nanoparticles for the aim of breaching biological barriers. Her lab is well-funded by CIHR, NSERC, New Frontiers in Research Fund and the University of Manitoba. Dr. Labouta has a strong publication record and is a co-inventor on an international patent for the development of nanosystems for intracellular targeting. She has also worked with the World Health Organization on two health-related projects. She has won several awards and fellowships including the Innovation and Career Development Award by the Biomedical Engineering Society (USA), the Apotheker Jacob Prize and DAAD Scholarship (Germany), and the curriculum award for the Nanoscience Minor Program (Canada).