Profile: Hassan Fakih


Hassan Fakih is a PhD Candidate in the Chemistry Department at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. He started his research training at the American University of Beirut working on DNA Biosensors for bacterial infections, and then expanded into the field of DNA Nanotechnology at the Sleiman Lab. He is currently working on the biomedical applications DNA nanocarriers, specifically on designing and testing DNA-based nanocarriers for nucleic acid therapeutics with characteristics that enable them to move faster into clinical trials (cost effective, biocompatible, specificity, stability etc.), as well as developing nanostructures for sensing and detection of biomarkers. Outside of research, Hassan is very interested in bringing science into other aspects of the world, specifically scientific communication and bridging science with policy and management. Besides science, Hassan loves sports, as he is ex-Varsity Basketball player, and still plays in multiple leagues as well as being a Basketball Referee for McGill leagues.