Profile: Nidhi Raval


Nidhi Raval is a currently completing her Ph.D. (Pharmaceutics) in Dr. Tekade’s Lab at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Ahmedabad (NIPER-A), India, where her research is in the field of Nanomedicine, and she currently works on a development of targeted non-viral gene delivery system for siRNA/miRNA using protein polymer-based nanoparticles for podocytes in diabetic nephropathy. She is also working on surface modified biomaterial/polymer nanoparticle that is fit-to-purpose to deliver the bioactives in cancer and arthritic environment. Her graduate research (M.S.(Pharm) centers on the development of corticosteroid encapsulated nanocarrier for Ocular delivery. Her research work led to several publications including patents, research, and awards. She is enthusiastic about the field of nanomedicine and theranostic nanosystem that combines siRNA delivery. The aim of her research is to facilitate translation from the bench-to-bedside of developed nanomedicine. She is also pursuing passion for scientific communication and outreach. Nidhi Joined CRS in 2017 and eager to work as well as communicate with the scientific fraternity of Young Scientist Committee of CRS. Outside of the lab, as a lively person, Nidhi loves music, travelling, learning, cooking and baking.