Profile: Olivia Howells


Olivia Howells is currently completing her PhD in Nanotechnology at Swansea University (South Wales. UK). She has fabricated a novel hollow microneedle design for transdermal delivery of large molecules that cannot by-pass the skin barrier unaided. Olivia obtained her BSC (with Honours) in Medical and Pharmacological Sciences from Coventry University in 2016, where her project focused on using antioxidants as a skin cancer treatment and delivering these molecules across the skin barrier. Olivia loves her work and is keen to see younger people discover the possibilities and enjoyment for themselves. Her enthusiasm leads to hands-on out-reach activities to introduce children into science, for which she won an award for “Out-standing contribution to public engagement”. In her spare time Olivia enjoys lots of outdoor activities such as trekking and water sports as well as global travel.