Profile: Tania Hidalgo


IMDEA Energy, Spain

Senior Assistant Researcher

Dr. Hidalgo has focused on the design of porous materials (Metal-Organic Frameworks, MOFs) for the macromolecule protection & immobilization (proteins, enzymes, drugs) along with their potential biomedical/environmental applications (drug delivery, targeted therapy, water decontamination). She´s co-author of 23 scientific articles (H-index:16) in high impact journals (ACS Nano, JACS, Chem.Sci.).She´s an experienced junior researcher with an excellent background in Material science, Nanomedicine or Immunology. Biologist by nature, developed her Joint PhD (France & Spain) in a completely new area like the synthesis & characterization of hybrid solids for their biopharmaceutical applications, under the supervision of Dr. Horcajada (H=70) & Dr. Serre (H=122), leaders in the MOF field and bioaplication, along with Prof. Alonso (H=98), internationally recognized galenist. She has acquired experience not only on the nanocarrier design & characterization, encapsulation & release of multiple therapeutic molecules or their bypass on diverse physiological barriers (i.v., oral, neuronal, cutaneous vias), but also on the material stability and potential in vitro/ex vivo performance (cyto, immune & genotoxicity). During her short & productive postdoctoral experience (2016-20), she was awarded with a MedTrain MSCA-COFUND under the supervision of Prof. O´Driscoll (H=46, Ireland), focusing on the cyclodextrins to deliver nucleic acids to the brain (identified as “Key Innovator” in the category of “Creation” by the EU's Innovation Radar). Her impressive scientific production/research has been the fruit of strong collaborations with internationally recognized groups, such as: 1) Prof. Alonso (H=98;USC) for drug release & in vitro assays; 2) Immunotoxicty with Prof. González (H=38;CINBIO); 3) Biological bypass with Prof. Blanco-Prieto (H=52;UNAV); 4) Viral culture with Dr. Alcami (H=46;CBMSO); 5) Prof. Battaglia (H=56; IBEC) for the in vitro self-propelled MOF assays; 6) Dr. Kentaro (H=27;Stockholm) for cytotoxic studies of ecofriendly MOFs; 7) Dr. Rodríguez/Rojas (H=50&16;UGR) for diverse in vitro/ex vivo performances; 8) Prof. Rosal (H=49;Alcalá) for antibacterial assays); 9) Prof. Quiroga (H=25;UAM) for chemotherapy of diverse metallic NPs; 10) Dr. Devic (H=66;Nantes) for the antioxidant assays.

Since 2019, she´s integrated at APMU through a regional Talento Junior Fellowship (Mode 2) from the Community of Madrid with the aim of bringing talented younger researcher to Spain. From her initial stage (H=8), outstanding outcomes were obtained related to the macromolecule@MOF association and toxicological profile, evidencing her relevant role in the MOF biomedical field, achieving even to open a new line inside of Horcajada’ team (2021-22) based on understanding the MOF biological impact upon diverse physiological barrier crossing (eg. Immuno-nanotechnology, pollutant removal, enzymatic plastic degradation). This relevance has been reflected by her recently promotion to Senior Assistant Researcher thanks to the prestigious MSCA-IF (NeuroMOF), where she´s addressing the blood-brain barrier (BBB) by MOF targeting/motion through a suitable macromolecule immobilization. Actively progressing in this new domain, she is gaining skills on micro/nanomotors design, 3D in vitro models or attractive brain nanocarriers.