BeNeLux & France Chapter

Established in 2019 the BeNeLux & France Local Chapter provides support to Young Scientists and acts as a platform for bridging industrial and academic representatives by giving them an extra opportunity to communicate ideas and learn from each other.

We aim to unite people interested in the fields of drug delivery and release who are located in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France by sharing the news, announcing meetings, exhibitions, events and organizing topical educational workshops. Being our member you will be able to keep up with the latest news in the field and expand your local network in academic and industrial sectors. Our Chapter consists of top researchers in the field including professors, assistant and associate professors, young scientists and industry representatives from these four European countries.

By creating connections between industrial and academic chapter members and involving young scientist we stimulate local delivery science community, enhance collaborations, provide networks and opportunities. 

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  • President: Natalia Vtyurina
  • Secretary: Giovanna Lollo
  • Vice President: Jai Prakash
  • Treasurer: Jos Paulusse
  • Membership Coordinator: Keni Yang
  • Board Member: Ana Beloqui
  • Board Member: Tina Vermonden
  • Board Member: Stefaan De Smedt
  • Board Member: Roy van der Meel
  • Young Scientist Liaison: Ruchi Bansal
  • Board Member: Raymond M. Schiffelers
  • Board Member: Patrick Saulnier
  • Financial Coordinator: Koen van der Maaden, PhD
  • Board Member: Anne Des Rieux
  • Board Member: Koen Raemdonck
  • Board Member: Katrien Remaut
  • Board Member: Guillaume Bastiat
  • Board Member: Emilie Roger
  • Board Member: Cornelus Van Nostrum
  • Social Media Director: Valentina Francia

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming chapter events at this time.