2019 Young Scientist Committee (YSC)


2019 Young Scientist Committee (YSC)

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CRS Young Scientists Committee (YSC) is a diverse group of individuals who are students or early career scientists working in the field of delivery science. 

The YSC aims to be the voice of young scientist within the society by adding the perspective of young scientists to the CRS (the board and other committees). While also striving to create content, workshops, events, and initiatives tailored for young scientists that go beyond science (career and professional development).

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YSC at the CRS Annual Meeting & Exposition

The YSC host 4 major events split across the major themes of education and networking. Educational workshops are a half-day format that take place on the Saturday and Sunday before the official start of the CRS Annual Meeting & Exposition.

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These include:

  1. YS Scientific workshops – collating discussions on current topics including entrepreneurship, trends in protein delivery, the evolution of controlled release and more recently the translation of nanomedicines from lab to patients.
  2. YS Professional development workshop - to examine and improve your soft skills to assist their career progression. This includes networking, public speaking, leadership, along with CV writing and interview skills to improve one’s employability.

Additionally, YSC hosts a number of interesting and new networking concepts because we believe it is critical to meet, interact and exchange ideas with other CRS members (both other Young Scientists as well as the wider CRS community). This kind of interaction is often a crucial part of career development. It is also a great way to develop a network of contacts for present and future career opportunities. These include:

  1. Young Scientist Meet and Greet with a Luminary - opportunity for young scientists to interact with a luminary in a casual environment, including a Q&A session
  2. Young Scientist Networking Event - a night out at a casual venue where young scientists can freely network together or with the invited luminaries, with icebreaker activities and other competitions to encourage networking
  3. Start with a Luminary - this session aims to inspire the next generation of young scientists by giving direct access to established scientists who are internationally recognized for outstanding contributions in the science and technology of controlled release, and who may otherwise be difficult to locate during the course of the conference. Questions about their story, how they got to where they are today, what they would do differently, and what advice would they give to early career scientists today can all be answered in this informal and relaxed setting.


Beyond the Annual Meeting & Exposition

Finally, one of the most recent projects of the YSC was the increasing presence in social media, including a series of interviews with Luminaries and career development articles published online on the CRS main webpage. This project aims at promoting interaction with young scientists throughout the year and not only during the CRS Annual Meeting and will continue with more interviews and additional features in the upcoming year.

2019 Committee Leaders

The YSC Executive Team is currently formed by the following people:


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The Young Scientist Committee (YSC) is always happy to welcome new members. All scientific students, early career scientists, and professionals are welcome - we would love to hear from you.

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