Gene Delivery and Gene Editing Focus Group at Annual Meeting


Gene Delivery and Gene Editing Focus Group at Annual Meeting

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Dear Members of the CRS Community,

I hope you would take a moment to read this letter because I truly feel that it could benefit you greatly. I would like to strongly advocate that you, as a CRS member, join and take advantage of the new Gene Delivery and Gene Editing (GDGE) Focus Group and benefit from this fantastic opportunity. For the first time, scientists focused on gene delivery and the emerging frontier of gene editing will have a home in CRS for education, outreach, and networking. The GDGE Focus Group will serve academic, industry, and regulatory members with scientific interests on viral and non-viral gene carriers, examination of delivery barriers, bioethics, fundamental science, and applied gene delivery and gene editing (e.g. CRISPR/Cas, TALENS, ZFNs) applications, all united under the umbrella of CRS. Specifically, I am excited to be a part of this new network and am writing to:

Encourage all of you with interests in Gene Delivery and Gene Editing to sign up for the GDGE Focus group.

It is free in the first year and will be an outstanding way to network and learn amongst your peers.

Highlight exciting activities planned for this year’s CRS Annual Meeting in New York City.

  • A specialized CRS GDGE Focus Group Scientific Session will take place on Sunday, July 22 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM (Sutton South) including a Keynote by Daniel G. Anderson (MIT). 
  • Awarding of the first CRS GDGE Delivery Focus Group Young Investigator Award and Student/PostDoc Trainee Award winners, who will also speak at the Scientific Session and receive plaques. 
  • Opportunities for you to get involved. We want to hear your ideas and create future initiatives to benefit our Society. Plan to attend the GDGE Focus Group Business Meeting on Monday, July 23, 7:00- 8:00AM (Clinton Room).
  • A Focus Group Social Event for members, designed for you to meet and network with field leaders in the area of Gene Delivery and Gene Editing on Monday, July 23, 8:30 PM-10:00 PM (Beekman Room).

I hope you will join me as a founding member of the Gene Delivery and Gene Editing Focus Group and participate in our new Annual Meeting events. Together we can build a strong community of visionary researchers within CRS and shape the future of the field. Please click on this link to join our community for free!


Ernst Wagner, Ph.D.

Chair of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Department of Pharmacy,
Center for Nanoscience Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

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