Patent Watch September 2018 through February 2019


Patent Watch September 2018 through February 2019

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This article summarizes selected patents in the area of controlled release or delivery that were issued from September 1, 2018 through March 1, 2019. Greater detail on each of these patents is given on the U.S. patent website  and

US20190060238A1-Biodegradable polymer microsphere compositions for parenteral administration

Novel microsphere compositions for use in parenteral formulations. Comprised of a biodegradable polymer of a molecular weight greater than 10,000 daltons, an active therapeutic agent, and a cellulose-derived material.

 KR101943850B1-A Electrospinning apparatus with Split header

Describes a system made up of a wide large-area electro-spinner for the production of the nano web of large areas by electrospinning.

US10196491-Microencapsulated aminosiloxanes for protective material formulations

Description of the microencapsulation of aminosiloxanes for use as an additive in protective material formulations such as those used in the protection and/or joining of metal substrates.

US10229292-Tamper resistant electronic devices

A tamper resistant device made with microcapsules in a matrix that ruptures in response to stimulus.

US10227529-Preparation of nanoparticle materials

A method of producing nanoparticles from molecule cluster seeds.

 US10220367-Method of forming microsphere having structural color

Provided is a method of forming a microsphere having a structural color of a particle made of a curable material and magnetic nanoparticles dispersed in the curable material by an emulsion process.

US10217540-Multifunctional nanoparticles

Multifunctional nanoparticles can include two or more different populations of nanocrystals that impart a combination of properties arising from the constituent populations in a single, multifunctional nanoparticle.

US10213458-Differential tumor cell cytotoxicity via contact with coated cerium oxide nanoparticles

Engineered surface-coated cerium oxide nanoparticles with different surface charges that are positive, negative and neutral provide therapeutic results for normal and cancer cell lines.

US10207919-Hybrid nanoparticles containing dendrons, methods of producing such hybrid nanoparticles, and uses thereof

Description of a hybrid nanoparticle comprising a metallic core and at least one lipophilic dendron attached to the surface of the metallic core.

US10203325-Metallic nanoparticle synthesis with carbohydrate capping agent

Description of gold nanoparticle and gold-coated magnetic nanoparticles. Suspensions are stable for extended periods and can be functionalized as desired at a later point in time.

US10199560-Piezoelectric nanoparticle-polymer composite structure

Methods, systems, and devices for implementing a stretchable nanoparticle-polymer composite foams that exhibit piezoelectric properties.

US10195252-Recruitment of mensenchymal cells using controlled release systems

Description of microparticles that deliver in vivo predictable release profiles of chemokines to induce the migration of multipotent stem cells.

US10188609-Microparticles comprising a probiotic, cross-linkable reagent, a denatured protein, polyol plasticiser and trehalose

Description of microparticles comprising a protective matrix and a protective matrix precursor composition comprising a blend of a denatured protein, a polyol plasticizer, trehalose and a carrier.

US10183251-Microcapsule fabric for absorption and release

A permeable microcapsule embedded fabric acts as a sorbent material for the absorbance and separation of gases and/or liquids.


AU2018101302A4-Synthesis of RhAu Alloy Nanoparticles and A New Method for Glutathione Detection

Diagnostic for glutathione based on RhAu alloy nanoparticles and an enzyme.

CN109060913B-A kind of preparation method of the electrochemical sensor for bisphenol-A detection

An electrochemical sensor for bisphenol-A detecthon using gold nanoparticles/molybdenum disulfide/sulfhydryl graphene composite.

US10207014-Coated plant virus imaging agents

An imaging nanoparticle comprising a plant virus particle having an interior surface and an exterior surface, an imaging agent that is linked to the interior and/or exterior surface, and a layer of biocompatible mineral such as silica coated over the exterior surface, is described for imaging within tissue.

US10067138-Fluorescent particle comprising gold nanoparticles and method for manufacturing same

Describes a fluorescent particle such as a gold nanoparticle covered with a silica shell with a lanthanide group complex for fluorescence diagnostics.

US10222319-Method and device for optically detecting nanoparticles in a fluid sample

A device for optically detecting in transmission nanoparticles moving in a fluid sample using a two-dimensional optical detector and image processor.


US20190060239A1-Technology for the Preparation of Microparticles

Description of solvent extraction method for microparticle production.

US10172804-Pharmaceutical compositions of pimobendan

Description of an enteric formulation of pimobendan.

US10208309-Double-stranded oligo RNA targeted to amphiregulin and pharmaceutical composition comprising same for preventing or treating fibrosis or respiratory diseases

Description of a nanoparticle formulation containing double-stranded oligo RNA for gene therapy.

US10188738-Formulations useful in the treatment of proliferative diseases affecting the respiratory tract

A nanoparticle formulation for inhalation administration containing a folate receptor-targeting antineoplastic substance.

US10188612-Pharmaceutical compositions for inhalation

Microparticle formulation for pulmonary administration with hydrophobic surface for delayed release of active.

US10166198-Solid nanoparticle with inorganic coating

A nanoparticle formulation with a biologically active substance in its core and an inorganic coating.

US10154968-Buprenorphine nanoparticle composition and methods thereof

Stable nanoparticle compositions comprising buprenorphine and at least one biodegradable polymer wit release over days, weeks, or months.

US10117886-Hyaluronidase and a low density second PEG layer on the surface of therapeutic-encapsulated nanoparticles to enhance nanoparticle diffusion and circulation

A delivery system based on an organic nanoparticle with hyaluronidase anchored or conjugated to the particle.

US10085948-Ionic gelation on solids

Description of a method for ionic gelation on solids for encapsulating water-insoluble solids using polyanions and soluble salts to form the shell.

US10085946-Use of decellularized extracellular matrix for encapsulating cells

Description of a microparticle for cell encapsulation with a core made of continuous fibers of decellularized extracellular matrix (ECM) and, optionally, an outer layer.

US10188738-Formulations useful in the treatment of proliferative diseases affecting the respiratory tract

Description of a microparticulate formulation containing nanoparticles of a pharmaceutical formulation with a folate receptor (FR)-targeting antineoplastic substance or composition for inhalation administration

US10182986-Method of delivering therapeutics and imaging agents to the brain by nanoparticles that cross the blood brain barrier

Description of methods of delivering a nanoparticle across the blood brain barrier using a nanoparticle core and a targeting agent.

US10195155-Drug carrier for tumor-specific targeted drug delivery and use thereof

A nanoparticle formulation made up of a tumor-targeted delivery system using the full heavy-chain of human ferritin used to encapsulate an anti-tumor drug.

KR101918250B1 -Nanoliposome-microbubble assemblies encapsulating a drug for the treatment of androgenic alopecia, and composition comprising the same for improving or treating hair loss

Description of technique to generate a nanoliposome-microbubble conjugate in which a drug for treating hair loss is encapsulated for oral delivery.


US10064888-Pectin based nanoparticles

Description of a nanoparticle formulation made of sugar-beet pectin; and a bioactive compound (such as a nutraceutical or a drug) bound to sugar-beet pectin.


US20190062788A1-Lipid nanoparticle methods and compositions for producing engineered erythroid cells

Description of improved lipid-based carriers that comprise a targeting agent that binds a cell surface receptor.

US10206417B1-Guava seed (Psidium guajava) nanoparticles as antibacterial agent

Formulation of Guava seed nanoparticles used as antimicrobials.

US 20190060426 -Method and apparatus for microneedle transdermal delivery

A description of formulation comprised of polymers like albumin or molecules like beta-cyclodextrin that are cross linked and exposed to the active to allow binding prior to spray drying to produce nanopsheres.

US10123976-Dispersion of poloxamer-protein particles, methods of manufacturing and uses thereof

Description of a method for preparing poloxamer-protein particles that can be used in microencapsulation.

US10213513-Treating myelomas

Description of albumin/antibody nanoparticle complexes containing an active for the treatment of myelomas such as Abraxane.

US10206987-Protein nanoparticle linked with cancer specific epitope and composition for cancer immunotherapy comprising the same

Description of a protein nanoparticle having a surface on which a cancer-specific epitope is fused and expressed.


US10206391-Strobilurin formulations

Description of a formulation including a nanoparticle including a polymer-associated strobilurin compound wherein the polymer is a polyelectrolyte, and a dispersant or a wetting agent.


US10099194-Microcapsules produced from blended sol-gel precursors and method for producing the same

Description of microcapsules with oil or aqueous cores and a shell of a metal or semi-metal blend for use in personal care, and cosmetics.

US10201633-Glass composites for tissue augmentation, biomedical and cosmetic applications

Compositions and methods for glass composites suitable for tissue augmentation, biomedical, and cosmetic applications.