Profile: Livia Palmerston Mendes

Mendes Livia.jpgLívia Palmerston Mendes is a Ph.D. candidate in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems at the laboratory of Prof. Vladimir Torchilin at the Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Nanomedicine at Northeastern University (USA). She works on the development of surface-modified liposomes for co-delivery of drugs and oligonucleotides to multidrug resistant tumors. Livia graduated from Federal University of Goiás, Brazil, with a B.S. in Pharmacy (2010) and M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2012), where her research focused on the development of nanocarriers for co-encapsulation of anticancer drugs to potentiate the antitumoral activity. She later worked with different types of nanoparticles for cosmetic applications. In 2014, Lívia received the Science without Borders Scholarship, a Brazilian government fellowship, to pursue her doctoral degree abroad. She is an enthusiast about the field of delivery of bioactives, mainly for cancer therapy, and passionate about research. As a very active person, Lívia loves the bright summer days, learning, travelling, sight-seeing, cooking, and trying new adventures.