2011 Tsuneji Nagai Postdoctoral Fellowship

Recipient and Former Advisor

Soo Hyeon Lee and advisor, Tae Gwan Park, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Dr. Lee presents her research to Professor Nagai (right) and CRS Foundation chair Susan Cady at the 2011 CRS Annual Meeting.


CRS Fellowship

Professor Jean-Christophe Leroux’s group at ETH Zurich, working on the design of novel macromolecular conjugates for the delivery of antisense oligonucleotides to the colonic mucosa.

“My ultimate goal is to improve human’s health and become a leader in biomedical sciences. To reach world-class research, I should have a stronger experience from international collaborations by working with great scientists in world-renowned institutes and universities. Working in an interdisciplinary laboratory (of Prof. Leroux) constitutes a unique opportunity to diversify my knowledge on gastrointestinal diseases, pharmacology and chemical synthesis and another step toward reaching world-class research level. This fellowship is a truly great opportunity to achieve my career goals.”


Dr. Lee’s research interests have focused on the design of polymer-based delivery systems for nucleic acid drugs. She is the co-inventor of three patents in the United States and Korea, with 25 papers published in high-profile journals. She received her B.S., master’s, and doctoral degrees from KAIST. In her doctoral work, she developed an efficient siRNA delivery system by using novel siRNA-polymer conjugates.

 Fellowship Year Reflections

Honoring Professor Tsuneji Nagai

Professor Nagai’s work in bioavailability studies and controlled drug delivery formulations has contributed greatly to the pharmaceutical science of Japan, Asia, and the world. His distinguished career includes leadership positions at Hoshi University, service on multiple boards including the CRS presidency, direction for the Nagai Foundation Tokyo, and a body of work that includes three ethical drug products, more than sixty patents, and more than five hundred refereed published research papers, resulting in multiple prestigious awards. Beyond measure, Prof. Nagai has influenced students and colleagues whose work continues to significantly impact delivery science.

“When I began my career as a young man, a fellowship allowed me to travel and study outside Japan, offering multiple opportunities to expand my scientific world and opportunities for research. My experiences have led to my firm belief that scientific success results from integration of broad and multiple disciplines. I am honored to have this fellowship in my name, and wish the recipient a fellowship year that also expands his or her professional and personal vision.”    November, 2010.